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Trend Report: Colours of Summer 2022


Green meadows, warm yellow flowers and red berry hues; the summer is full of colour, and you can match with them too.

Our latest collection of frames in summery nuances will come to the rescue on hot summer days when creativity is nowhere to be found and you’d rather worry about finding the best ice cream and the shadiest spot, not about what you’re wearing.

Read on to find out how a pair of glasses can give life to any outfit, as well as learning the psychological secrets of how we perceive colours, how they affect our mood, and how you can use them to hack your closet this summer.

Deep Green

Green brings our minds to the green grass and the swaying treetops. It’s often described as refreshing, inspiring and calming. It can affect thinking and creativity, as well as symbolising health and luck. With that said, wearing green may give off a calm impression. Not to forget, you may become a source of inspiration and creativity for the people around you!

We love to match green with brown, blue and beige. You’ll notice that they are all colours found in nature. The blue rolling sea, the airy green forest and the hot beige sand. Let’s become one with nature this summer; wearing a pair of deep green glasses, dark brown linen pants, a light blue top, and an oversized beige straw hat!


Pink is thought to have a calming effect, and is often associated with positivity and optimism. Furthermore, people seem to associate it with qualities that are thought of as feminine, such as kindness, compassion and softness.

This makes the colour so much fun to play around with, as it’s easy to create interesting contrasts. We like to go all in on pink and either match the glasses with a soft pink summer dress, or bring some edge to our style with a pair of black leather pants, a pink statement-top and big, silver jewellery.


Red is one of the most visible colours and it easily grabs your attention. The colour exudes passion, energy, strength and last but not least: love. Further, a wardrobe-piece in red can be associated with power. A red handbag, red lips and red nail polish are all brave details that are very eye-catching and effective.

Let a pair of red glasses be a stylish stand-in for your red lipstick during the nights when you just want to talk and talk, eat and drink, and not worry about your lips. The frames offer the same cool effect, but will look just as fresh in the beginning of the dinner as in the end of it.

Wear red frames together with clothes in dark green, brown and denim. A denim set and red frames? Yes please!


Brown gives a sense of reliability and strength. It’s associated with the earth and it can make you think of it as a solid and warm colour. Wearing brown pieces gives a down-to-earth-impression, as well as making your look natural and sophisticated.

Let the summer days continue into the night and wear a sand coloured knitted sweater over your white shirtdress. Match together with a pair of glasses in a warm brown nuance- it gives a calmness to the look and ties together the light and discreet outfit. Brown frames are a stylish alternative to black ones since they are an everyday pair, but not as harsh. Also, they can create fun and creative colour combinations together with other coloured pieces.


Together with red, yellow makes for one of the most eye-catching colours. It’s not a coincidence that traffic signs usually are in these two colours. Yellow makes us think about sunshine and flowers, and often comes off as a happy, friendly and warm colour.

Apart from matching your yellow frames with the warm sun, yellow flower fields and an ice cold lemonade, match them with confidence. We think yellow reaches its full potential when being combined with other brave colours and patterns. Go all in and wear flower, striped and squared patterns, as well as all kinds of colours that you can find inside of your closet. No period of time is better than now to go out of your comfort zone. Dress spontaneously with yellow, and try not to take your outfit too seriously!

This summer, your everyday styling will be more fun than ever when bringing these effective accessories in your beach tote. Sit down to read for a while and put on Kiara Pink, browse through a lunch menu in Andrea Deep Green and drive home behind the wheel wearing Maya Red. Changing up your statement frames may just become the main event of the day, and we can’t think of anything better than that!

Enjoy the simplicity of easily adding an extra touch to your look, switching between being inside and outside of your comfort zone, and above all: bringing the warmer days into clear focus, in your bouquet of summer coloured frames.

We are excited to see your summer looks! Share your post on instagram and tag #wearglas

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