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Forty Steps: The Making Of The More is More Collection


Take an exclusive look behind the making of our new premium collection of reading glasses.

Forty steps in total from drawing board to packing, discover how we work with luxurious mixed materials and small-batch production to create this decadent limited-edition collection, designed to make every day feel like a celebration.

Designed in Stockholm

Designed in-house, the More is More collection begins its journey at the drawing board at our office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Here, our team puts together creative mood boards for inspiration, creates technical sketches, and makes initial renders for ordering samples.

Steps 1 - 20

Dual-tone acetate

Made from premium dual-tone acetate, a lightweight mixture of wood pulp and cotton, the production process begins its first steps with shaping the frames.

The front and the tips are created from three different components, and are cut and dried individually. After this, the acetate is tumbled with wooden blocks to create a smooth and shiny finish.

The collection name, More is More, is then engraved into the tips with a precision lazer, and filled in with gold-tone paint.

Steps 20 - 30

Lightweight metal

The different metal components for this collection are cut, welded, plated and polished individually, before our GLAS logo is precision-lazered into the temples.

This is then hand-painted in a gold finish.

Steps 30 - 40


Next, the glasses are assembled by hand, piece by piece.

This includes the lenses, which are mounted into the frames by hand after being custom cut and treated with scratch-resistant and anti-fog coatings.

The premium hinges are then stress-tested for flexibility and durability, ensuring that these glasses fit well on various different face shapes.

Ready to wear

After each frame is individually inspected, they’re repolished by hand for an extra glossy finish.

Then they're packed and ready to bring a touch of luxe into your everyday!

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