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Image showing how to clean glasses frames and lenses
Image showing how to clean glasses frames and lenses

How to clean glasses and sunglasses correctly


Not many of us have the time or energy to stop to think about how to clean our glasses and sunglasses properly.

However, as tempting as it is to grab the corner of your shirt and give your glasses frames a rub, did you know that this might actually be damaging your lenses?

Read on to discover our simple do’s and don’ts for keeping your glasses clean and smudge-free.

Cleaning your glasses, step by step

When it comes to how to clean glasses the proper way, there are a few tips you should be following that you might not already know about.

Start by grabbing a clean microfibre cloth and cleaning spray, or a lens wipe. Try to make a habit of removing your glasses using both hands. This to avoid dropping them, or bumping your lenses.

Follow these easy steps to clean your eyeglasses properly:

  • Wash your hands

  • Pick up your glasses frames by the bridge to avoid fingerprints. Inspect the lenses and gently blow any debris away. They could scratch your lenses if they’re not removed.

  • Spray each lens once, and gently use circular movements to polish them with the cloth. Use the same approach if you’re using lens wipes.

  • Gently wipe the frames and the temples with the cloth or wipe, without touching the clean lenses.

You can also use warm water and a little drop of washing up liquid to safely clean your glasses and sunglasses, if you don’t have a cloth or wipes to hand. You’ll only need to use only a tiny amount, as most washing up liquids are very concentrated. It can help to dilute the washing up liquid in the water first, as opposed to applying it directly to your lenses.

Why you should use a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses

Microfiber cleaning cloths for glasses usually produce the best results. This is because cloths dry the lenses more effectively than lens wipes, and are the best at keeping your lenses smudge-free by trapping removing dirt and oils, unlike washing up liquid or hand soaps.

However, making sure you clean your microfiber cloth frequently is a must, because they do trap dirt so well. The good news is that hand washing your cloth using a lotion-free hand soap or washing up liquid and letting the cloth air dry is enough to keep them fresh and usable. You can also put them in the washing machine, too.

How to keep glasses and sunglasses clean on the go

Keeping your sunglasses clean when on the go this summer lets you enjoy your time out and about even more. Our all-in-one cleaning kit is a must-have for clear lenses, and includes lens spay, a microfiber cloth, and a carrying pouch, all in one handy lightweight kit that slips easily into your handbag or pocket.

Here are some other tips for keeping your reading glasses and sunglasses smudge and scratch free when you’re at home or out doing your thing.

  • Keep your glasses in their case when they’re not being worn, as this will stop them from getting scratched. It’ll help you carry your sunglasses with you more easily during sunnier months, too.

  • Don’t store your sunglasses on the top of your head. It may feel convenient, but not only does your hair produce natural oils that can transfer to the lenses, but your glasses frames can fall off and get damaged more easily this way.

  • Remove your glasses when applying perfume or spraying hair products. This will help avoid getting sticky hairspray on your lenses.

How not to clean glasses and sunglasses

There are also some don’ts when it comes to how to clean glasses and sunglasses. Here’s what to try and avoid.

  • Avoid using hand sanitizer or home surface cleaning wipes to clean your eyeglasses. The lenses and their specially treated coatings could become damaged due to alcohol and other ingredients present in these products.

  • If you need to use the soap and warm water method, try to avoid moisturising soap, as this can leave streaks on your lenses.

  • Don't use your shirt to clean glasses. The tiny fibres in the fabric can sometimes stick to your lenses, and could actually cause micro-scratches in the protective coating of the lens if used over time.

  • It's also best to refrain from using paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper for the same reason - the wood pulp present in these products can damage your lenses.

  • If you do notice a greasy spot or even a little scratch in your lens, try not to buff it away or scratch it off with your fingernail. This can just make the problem worse.

The final word on how to clean your eyeglasses

To clean your eyeglasses the correct way and to store them correctly is clearly important, but making sure you choose good quality, long lasting frames and lenses is also essential.

You can effortlessly ensure that your glasses stay as clean and scratch free as possible by choosing GLAS. Our lenses come with anti-scratch and easy-clean lenses as standard, so you can enjoy your pair of glasses frames for as long as possible.

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